Monthly Archives: May 2012

Let the battle begin

Bugs are so annoying. They are always around whenever I eat, especially in summer, that’s why I hate summer. I don’t know why they won’t leave me alone. Recently, my home has been infested by tiny brown bugs that crawl all over the walls, one is not a problem but there is an army of them. I could see a bunch in my room as well, I feel sickened at the thought that they might have crawled all over me at night. Even pesticides won’t hold them off…..
Well I don’t hate all bugs, I’m okay with beetles and butterflies etc but I really can’t stand pests.


Who said dragons aren’t real?

When I was little, I genuinely believed that dragons exist. Hey, but who knows? Maybe they went through evolution and became dragonflies in order to adapt to the changing world.

Who let the dogs out?

You’ve got to admit, police dogs are awesome.


Lantern fish in a lantern.
Where did this idea come from??

Chained Display

Siamese fighting fish have long and colorful fins and tails.  Only the males have these features while the female are more dull in color, and have much shorter fins. Male fighting fish fight with each other for mates. You can see many shops selling fighting fish in Mongkok. Each individual fish is kept in a glass jar because if you put two males together, they fight till one of them is dead. Sometimes people actually buy them and put them together just to see them fight, and they place bets on them like they do in cock fights.
Competing for mates is the fighting fish’s instinct, a part of their nature. I find it sad that people exploit this nature for their own entertainment. This is the same for many competitions that involve having animals fight against each other.


You know when pigeons walk, their head moves in a funny way like its bobbing? I’ve always thought that it looks like they are listening to music or something, and they are bobbing their heads in tone with the music.

Seeing Red

‘Red fills your vision. You did not hear their taunting voices, you did not feel the pain. Only when you falls down dead, that the red clears from your vision. You see the truth, now drenched in your own blood.’