Chained Display

Siamese fighting fish have long and colorful fins and tails.  Only the males have these features while the female are more dull in color, and have much shorter fins. Male fighting fish fight with each other for mates. You can see many shops selling fighting fish in Mongkok. Each individual fish is kept in a glass jar because if you put two males together, they fight till one of them is dead. Sometimes people actually buy them and put them together just to see them fight, and they place bets on them like they do in cock fights.
Competing for mates is the fighting fish’s instinct, a part of their nature. I find it sad that people exploit this nature for their own entertainment. This is the same for many competitions that involve having animals fight against each other.



You know when pigeons walk, their head moves in a funny way like its bobbing? I’ve always thought that it looks like they are listening to music or something, and they are bobbing their heads in tone with the music.

Seeing Red

‘Red fills your vision. You did not hear their taunting voices, you did not feel the pain. Only when you falls down dead, that the red clears from your vision. You see the truth, now drenched in your own blood.’


Ever heard of the story of the pan pipes? It’s a Greek mythology; Zeus sent Hermes to kill Argus, a monster sent by Hera (wife of Zeus) to guard a cave where one of Zeus’ mistresses, Io, was locked up. Argus has a hundred eyes so it’s impossible to sneak in without him knowing. So Hermes told Argus a story of his son, Pan. Argus eventually fell asleep listening, Hermes cut off its head and rescued Io. Hera saw what happened to her servant and took the hundred eyes to decorate the feathers of her bird, a peacock.

The patterns on tail feathers of peacock look like eyes indeed. That’s one of the reasons why I love Greek mythology, many of the stories link up to the present.
You could interpret this sketch as Io being watched by the hundred eyes. I guess it also expresses how I feel sometimes as well. Being manipulated.

Temptation to Eternity


This kind of brown paper is great for pen and ink, I love drawing and them then sticking them to my sketchbook, though they warp sometimes because they are really thin. I used 0.25 hi-tech C for this.
I don’t like looking at specimens. I know usually animals that are made into specimens are already dead, but it’s just sad to look at. No matter how well preserved the bodies are, you just are looking at empty husks that are devoid of life. It will never be as beautiful as the living.

May we join?

When I go to barbecue, I sometimes see squirrels or birds around. There was a time when there was a curious squirrel that stayed with us until we left. It stood at the end of a branch peeking at us with an acorn in its paws. I wonder if it wanted to join in?
That little episode was my inspiration for this picture. It’s done with a mechanical pencil. I bet animals want their food cooked sometimes as well.

Tiger paint


I’ve seen a documentary with a tiger rolling in snow; it was so cute so I decided to draw something like this!
So here is a tiger rubbing on its stripes.
I wish I have one of those paint buckets.